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Deep Space Diary

The Deep Space Diary resources are a comprehensive series aimed at helping KS2 students find out more about our Solar System, light, colour, infrared and much more. There are six chapters that make up the Deep Space Diary; together they provide over 60 hours learning, but individual activities can also be...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Five: Groundbreaking Discoveries

‘Your telescope has captured intriguing data that we need you to analyse’

In this chapter students think about the unique signatures that come back from different objects in space, including:

  • analysing infrared images and comparing them to visible light
  • looking through datasets that...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Four: Journey to Deep Space

‘Plan your telescope’s launch carefully, so that it reaches its destination’

In this chapter students think about the programming challenges involved in deploying a space telescope, including:

  • coding a series of commands to navigate it
  • encrypting and decrypting messages
  • ...

Deep Space Diary Chapter One: Astronomer’s Bootcamp

‘Get started by learning about the pioneering astronomers of the past’

In this introduction chapter students describe what they would like to be to discover in the universe, and then do a series of related activities including:

  • plotting a constellation,
  • creating a map our Solar System...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Six: Beyond Deep Space

‘Share your amazing discoveries with your fellow Earthlings, through words and images’

In this concluding chapter students are encouraged to summarise their findings from the other five chapters, by writing and illustrating a newspaper article and by creating a visual dictionary of the new scientific...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Three: Designing for Discovery

‘Build a space telescope big enough to capture light from distant stars’

In this chapter, students think about the designs for a space telescope including:

  • designing a suitable mirror
  • devising a method of keeping the telescope cool
  • designing and building a model of a telescope...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Two: Telescope Training

‘There’s more to light than meets the eye – find out about the light we cannot see’

In this chapter, students find out all about light including:

  • designing an experiment into light rays and shadows,
  • building a colour wheel,
  • writing about rainbows, and
  • creating an...

Inspired by space: engaging girls in STEM

This guide supports educators in inspiring all children to enjoy activities relating to STEM subjects, in particular girls. It looks at statistics of women in STEM roles and introduces many female...

Mars Diary

The Mars Diary resources are a comprehensive series aimed at helping KS2 students find out more about the planet Mars, as well as the challenges and opportunities that will be involved in exploring our Solar System. There are six chapters...

Mars Diary Chapter Five: Sustainable Living

‘Design a city that has everything you'll need for a happy, productive and safe life on Mars.’

In this chapter students work out they could overcome Martian conditions to create a sustainable habitat, including

  • mapping what is required by a community,
  • designing buildings/domes that...


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