Principia space diary

The Principia Space Diary aims to help children find out more about the Principia mission, to strengthen literacy and digital literacy skills and engage children in STEM learning. This resource contains several activities from the Space Diary, in which children work as space apprentices retracing Tim Peake’s journey into space and finding out about life on the International Space Station.

This resource has been provided by Curved House Kids. It has been written by Lucy Hawking and illustrated by Ben Hawkes.




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Principia Space Diary: 8 minutes to space

In this creative writing activity children imagine what it is like to leave Earth on a journey into outer space.  It uses the context of British astronaut Tim Peake’s journey to the International Space Station as a stimulus to develop literacy skills.

This resource is part of the Principia Space Diary,...

Principia Space Diary: robots in space

Robots are really useful in space as they can do lots of different jobs, some of which are too difficult or dangerous for humans. This activity looks at the different uses of robots in space exploration, with children...

Inspired by space: engaging girls in STEM

This guide supports educators in inspiring all children to enjoy activities relating to STEM subjects, in particular girls. It looks at statistics of women in STEM roles and introduces many female...

Principia Space Diary: looking at Earth from space

This creative writing exercise asks your space apprentices to choose a place on Earth that they have never been to, and imagine what it might be like to visit. They will use a selection of images that Tim Peake took while on...