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STEM Learning and in2scienceUK: working together to empower young people

Published: Mar 7, 2019 2 min read

STEM learning

in2science students in the lab

in2scienceUK and STEM Learning have partnered to improve access to STEM careers, bringing together STEM Learning’s network of STEM role models, STEM Ambassadors and the inspirational work placement scheme run by in2scienceUK.

in2scienceUK works to empower students from low-income backgrounds to achieve their potential and progress to STEM degrees and careers, to become the researchers, innovators and pioneers of the future. They work with young people in year 12 from the lowest income communities and receive over 2,000 applications each year.

The programme includes skills days on university applications and workshops helping develop employability skills and the highlight, a two week summer work placement working alongside STEM professionals.

STEM Learning is highly experienced in this field with over 33,000 STEM Ambassadors across the UK who support young people to progress into STEM careers. For this reason, in2scienceuk and STEM Learning share the same vision on the importance of making STEM education accessible for all young people across the UK and they are taking up the exciting challenge together.

This new partnership will enable in2scienceUK to engage STEM Ambassadors to support their mission and expand their programme to new regions in the UK, giving many more students the skills to pursue STEM careers, while developing their passion and competencies. In the future, even more young people will have the opportunity to access future training programmes, high skilled STEM careers and to become economically stable.

For society it means ensuring talent is not wasted while building a fairer world that fights against social immobility and promotes social inclusion.

Dr Rebecca McKelvey, Chief Executive of In2scienceUK said:

“We are thrilled to be working with STEM Learning on this vital project. Our partnership will leverage the passion and expertise of STEM Ambassadors to get involved in hosting placements while at work and support young people within their communities who have a real need.”

Interested in hosting a placement?

Applications are now open for organisations interested in hosting an in2science one or two-week placements for students in summer 2019. The deadline for signing up is 17 May 2019.

For more information, please email Elena Di Giorgi at elena@in2scienceuk.org.