That's Non-Sense! The Surprising Science of your Senses

Braintastic! Science
Ever wondered why food tastes funny when you have a cold? Or what happens when you get dizzy? Buckle up for a whirlwind tour through the senses you're familiar with, and some you might never have heard of. Prepare to be amazed, confounded and confused in this demo-packed exploration of your brain as you find out your senses aren’t as simple as they seem…and even discover some senses you never knew you had!


Expected outcomes

Students will have a highly interactive, fun experience, and will leave understanding that:

- There are more than 5 senses

- The brain is as important as the sense organs for their experience of the world

- The senses work together to build up our picture of the world. 

- Their brains are amazing, but there is so much still to discover about them!

We hope to ignite students curiosity, and get them thinking about their brains, and the role of science in their lives, in new ways. 


To book this activity, please contact:
Ginny Smith

8 Cavendish Place
CB13BH Cambridge Cambridgeshire

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