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Lab Rascals Limited

Lab Rascals is an award winning interactive science entertainment company in Yorkshire and the Humber. Lab Rascals educate, inspire and entertain children with the magnificent world of science and engineering.

Due to Lab Rascals extensive research at the University of Hull into children’s perceptions of science Lab Rascals leave all the “flashes and bangs” in the Lab bring only the most enjoyable and engaging hands-on experimentation into your classroom. All Lab Rascals workshops are led by DBS checked highly trained scientists with a minimum of a 2.1 degree in chemistry, astronomy, physics or engineering.


Our Hands-on Science Workshops

These 30-50 minute workshops involve all children do a minimum of two experiments. We require a standard classroom or hall with tables without chairs, access to water, and mains power. Please avoid rooms with carpets for our polymers workshop.


The States of Matter (School Years 0- 8) 30 or 50 minute workshop.

Exciting hands-on dry ice experiments and “wow “ factor demos. Explore solids, liquids and gases, evaporating, condensing, melting, sublimation and freezing.


Dry Ice Volcanoes (School Years 0-6) 50 minute workshop.

These volcanoes are amazing. They rumble before erupting to simulate an earthquake, produce a large gas cloud and lava.  Discover plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and natural disasters.


Polymers (School Years 0-6) 30 or 50 minute workshop.

Explore polymers, which are found everywhere, from our food, clothes and even slime.  Experiment with material properties, man-made & natural materials and create new materials.


DNA (School Years 4-8) 50 minute workshop.

Discover the code for all living life by making models and extracting DNA. Create an understanding of  genetic coding, chromosomes, inheritance and defects.

Testimonials (taken from our Lab Rascals Facebook page):

"I loved the way all children were encouraged to participate and join in the activities and query what may happen during experiments and why.
Excellent delivery, entertaining and educational, slime next time maybe, thanks Clare"

"In three days the Lab Rascals have inspired over 400 children, oh yes, and staff. We have a teacher wanting to extract DNA to make a banorange lol x fabulous Science Week treat for the school"

"Fab workshops and my young scientists was engaged throughout. Really good fun working with materials you don't get to use every day (Dry Ice Volcanoes; Slime & Worms). Can't wait to do more in the future." 


Hands-on Workshop Prices:

Half day - £325

Additional identical workshop - £85

Full day - £565

Single workshop - £150

Wind energy half day workshop - £295

All prices exclude travel expenses.


To book this activity, please contact:
Katie Norman

Marsh Lane
DN18 5HF
United Kingdom

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