Bristol ChemLabS: Primary Science Assemblies- Gases in the Air

Bristol ChemLabS, School of Chemistry, University of Bristol

These last 45 to 60 minutes. (Normally based on Gases in the Air) Experiments will be demonstrated with liquid nitrogen (a very cold liquid), dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen and helium. There will be some loud bangs and some setting fire to materials.  Some minor reactions including colour changes are included. The performance will emphasize states of matter changes, combustion and what is and is not a reversible change.


There is a charge made for this lecture to cover the cost of transport, disposables, technicianing and subsistence (and accommodation if the distance requires overnight stay). Please contact 
The lecture may be given up to 3 times per day for a consortium of schools in close proximity. 

Please see for more information.

Expected outcomes

this is probablysummed up by the comments of a headteacher

Many thanks for visiting us last week and sparking our children into a greater enthusiasm for science and chemistry in particular.
"The session had a great impact with children across the school. Our Reception class have now installed a laboratory in their outside play area and have been mixing and separating materials in new test tubes and scientific flasks that we have bought for them in response to their enthusiasm after the session with you. At the other end of the school, our Year 6s are champing at the bit to have access to the chemistry labs at (named school) next year. We are also looking, as a whole school, to increase the amount of practical investigations in science and have drafted this into the School Development Plan for 2017-18.
Once again, many thanks - we appreciate you coming in to see us and demonstrating that what you do is "science, not magic"!"


To book this activity, please contact:
Timothy Harrison
0117 844629

University of Bristol
Schoolof Chemistry
Cantock's Close
United Kingdom

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