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All the resources you need to bring Core Maths into your school or college. 

The resources are problem-solving focused and reinforce GCSE higher level topics in meaningful contexts. They are independent of any single exam-board, while relevant for all Core Maths qualifications. 

16-19 mathematics resources group

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  • Is the UK tax system fair?

    Is the UK tax system fair?

    In this finance Core Maths resource students explore income tax and national insurance. They are asked to design a tax regime that fits their...

  • Easter date algorithm

    Easter is quite late this year- some schools are now in the second week of their holidays, while others break up at the end of this week. So how is the date determined?


Core Maths: research and evidence


Read first-hand accounts from schools experienced in teaching Core Maths in the Case Studies, view Core Maths endorsements from universities, employers and more evidence on the impact of Core Maths. 


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